Welcome to the Family :-)

This site is specifically directed to anyone of the Beardsley family name persuasion – by birth, marriage, adoption – alien transport :-)

To gather our family history information, images and docs, organize it and ensure that all family members have a complete record of their heritage.  Any lines descended from Beardsleys (that’s the Wakleys, Daytons, Wheelers, etc., ) are also welcome. (Debating politics, organizing family reunions and wishing folks Happy Birthday are happy options :-) )

If  you’re new to the site, then we welcome you with a big heart and arms wide open. This is a drama free zone, so don’t come in here and try to argue with one another, ’cause that’s messed up, we’re all family. (The last is from our chief greeter and “mascot” Sammie ♥)

Valarie Beardsley Beadle
John Beardsley
Your humble site admins :-)